An expression of path breaking innovation , DIGITAL MALL OF ASIA, a first of its kind project is an amalgamation of Real Estate and Digital space. It is a unique concept that introduces DIGITAL MALLS with DIGITAL SHOPS which an individual can buy, sell and rent.

It brings together the best of offline and online worlds, the shopping experience of an offline mall where brands have dedicated shops and convenience of online shopping where we get unlimited selection and benefit of buying anytime, anywhere. Each mall in a city is different in spite of being the part of the same portal. It is developed on a scalable, robust, secure and reliable technology to manage an ecosystem of brands.

Buy E Shop

Most of us hear the word invest and we panic. Well, instead of thinking of it as investing money, think of it as paying your future self. With investment in DIGITAL MALL OF ASIA, investing is easier than ever. Anyone can ( and must ) do it.

Investment in DIGITAL MALL OF ASIA starts from INR 10 lacs onwards. You can buy a shop in city/tower/floor of your choice. Options for already rented brand shops is also available. 12% pa rental will be paid for any investment in the mall for 1st year. After that the actual rental for that particular shop will be paid to the owner. The company will charge maintenance charges from 2nd year onwards.

Rent E Shop

In a society in which everyday decisions are driven, informed and executed using the internet, creating an online presence for your business is no longer an option–it’s an expectation and required support for your traditional marketing initiatives.

At DIGITAL MALL OF ASIA, vendors can rent a shop in the city/tower/floor of their choice for as low as INR 10000 per month and gets the exclusive rights to sell a particular product category/brand in a city. The vendors should have offline presence in the city to integrate their offline store to their shop at DIGITAL MALL OF ASIA. Based on the zero commission model, it is a great opportunity for retail brands to take on the Ecommerce giants who are faceless entities on the internet.


Industry Challenges


  • Heavy commission charged by marketplace.
  • Delays in settlement of cash payments, leading to working capital issues.
  • Many suppliers for same category.
  • Incurs more cost than traditional logistics due to returns.
  • Preferred supplier concept kills the basic objective of fair marketplace.


  • Long delivery time.
  • Lack of touch and feel.
  • Payment on delivery not available on all categories and locations.
  • Fake products .
  • Online supplier doesn’t have offline presence .

Competitive Advantages


  • Zero commission charged by marketplace .
  • Immediate settlement as products are delivered by supplier directly .
  • Supplier gets exclusive rights for a product/brand in a city.
  • Logistics cost reduced as the supplier uses own manpower in most cases .
  • Return will be minimized with offline presence.


  • Delivery time 2 to 24 Hrs.
  • Every supplier will have offine presence in the city.
  • 100% payment on delivery model for all products and locations
  • Offline presence will ensure genuine products are delivered.

Market Potential

  • Number of online shoppers will grow more than 3X; 125 MN new shoppers will come online by 2020.
  • Online sellers will need to grow by 5X+ to serve the increased demand .
  • Women will more than double their share of online spend ( to> 40% in 2020).
  • Customers will move beyond discounts; product assortment and convenience will be key purchase drivers .

Upcoming Mall Locations

  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • PUNE